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A New Type of Healthcare IT Company

Administrative Network Technology Solutions, Inc. (ANTS) is a health information technology firm dedicated to advancing access and the interoperability of data to promote high quality, cost effective health care. A Michigan based company, ANTS is uniquely positioned to meet this goal through significant experience in data aggregation, interoperability and analysis.

ANTS strategy, architecture, and design enables clients to meet the ever changing landscape of health information technology (IT). Our suite of services support client growth in key strategic health IT areas. Founded on essential core business principles, ANTS is dedicated to:

Providing the necessary level of interoperability for efficient and effective health IT adoption
Promoting the advancement of population-based data aggregation to improve health outcomes
Engaging the full breadth of health care providers around data accessibility and use

Information Technology Platform

ANTS integrates disparate data sources resulting in a meaningful data exchange for trusted, secure Protected Health Information (PHI), allowing sharing and exchanging of PHI to the entire health care delivery continuum; including participating physicians and physician organizations, health systems and hospitals, other HIEs, laboratories, and other providers.

Capabilites Includes:

  • Master Provider Index
  • Master Patient Index
  • Conservative Record Locator Service
  • Assembling Disparate Data
  • Mapping and Translation of Data Points
  • Filtering Useful Data Points
  • Population Management
  • Promote Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) and Industry Standards

Information Technology Functionality

ANTS internally supports a broad spectrum of functionality, including:
  • Active Care Relationship Service (ACRS): Service that contains information on those Participating Organizations and Health Professionals who have an Active Care Relationship with a patient. This can be for providers, a patient who has been seen by a provider within the past 24 months; or for payers, an eligible member of a health insurance plan.
  • Admission, Discharge & Transfer Data Consumption (ADT): Patients transition from one provider or healthcare setting to another as the patients' health care needs require. These transitions trigger Electronic Health Records to generate Admit-Discharge-Transfer (ADT) notifications that identify the patient along with important details that provide insight to an extremely complex set of care decisions being made by care teams, families and the patient.
  • Care Management Documentation System: Our cloud-based application is database driven offering a robust set of care management templates meeting billing requirements, and providing a broad patient picture with key clinical elements.
  • Clinical Data Repository: allows exchange participants to receive comprehensive patient health information that is standardized and aggregated from exchange participants.
  • Platform Interfaces: ANTS is a resource without a bias toward a particular platform or group of platform users. This ensures maximum "bandwidth" for participation and contributions of patient data from across the entire community of users. To allow adaptability and interoperability that facilitate sharing and exchange, ANTS can connect to a variety of health information data sources.
  • Health Insurance Plan Daily Census Data Processing
  • Population Health Analytics (coming soon): population health analytics that deliver an all-new way of looking at the way you deliver care and the impact it is having on the patients that you see.

Health Information Exchange

ANTS is pleased to be part of the Michigan Health Information Network (MiHIN) which is Michigan's initiative to continuously improve health care quality, efficiency, and patient safety by promoting secure, electronic exchange of health information through the MiHIN Health Information Services Cloud(TM) (HICS).

MiHIN represents an innovative network of public and private organizations working to overcome data sharing barriers, reduce costs, and ultimately advance the health of Michigan's population.

ANTS joins a team of sub-state HIEs working with our health care clients to implement systems for electronically exchanging health information. Currently there are several Health Information Exchanges in Michigan (known as sub-state HIEs, or Exchanges) that are connected to the MiHIN backbone.

Client Relationships

ANTS actively supports the diverse health information technology needs of a continually expanding client base.